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Anyone Just Give Up, Feel Like Giving Up On The Job Search?

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#1 sciiaf



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Posted 26 May 2011 - 09:34 PM

Anybody just feel like giving up on the job search? Has anyone EVER had any luck with a job or did they have to push, push it or settle for something less?
Iím not going to, but I feel like giving up on the whole job search s***t. I get the message. Yeah, I know itís a s*****y economy, blah blah, no jobs, but ive applied for like 30 jobs, sat down with three recruiters, lowered my income desires greatly, offered to temp for a DAY here and there and still nothing!!!
Iím pissedÖ.i give up today, Iím resorting to just ordering food in and drinking some wine, smoking some cigarettes. Boy, I wish I had weed at this moment, thatís one thing I know I can get!

Wtf????? I feel like I get the message, pretty loud, a little clear. Youíre disabled, yeah, great work experience, when YOU COULD WALK but we just donít want to deal with a Ďhandicappedí person, you know, Iím HANDICAPPED, that means, I fit your ignorant, unfound thoughts about what a handicap person is, thatís right, Iím mentally retarded on top of being disabled, Iím emotionally inept, I have anger issues, I cry at drop of a hat, Iíll threaten to sue you for discrimination if you just look at me the wrong way.

Ohhh and Iím ugly to look at, each time you see me, you get depressed, itís just too depressing to see someone like you at work, therefore we wonít hire you.
I get it, hell, Iíve already lost TWO friend over being disabled, they just couldnít handle it either, one was too embarrassed to me seen with me, everytime we got together she had to bring in a third party, so as to make it look like she wasnít the one with the Ďretarded disabled personí and she got scared because this might happen to her too! Another just was a plain psycho and I spent all my time counseling HER over issues like men, jobs, and the minute I put my foot up (well, now, I had to reach down and grab my foot and raise it with both hands) she told me to f****k off!
I get it, I should just lay here in my apartment all day and night, doing nothingÖ.oh wait! Thatís what ive been doing since I got injured!!! Thatís right! Just laying around, watching tv, reruns, trying to sleep, not showering (why should I shower? I donít do anything all day, not like I broke a sweat!)
f*@k it, f*@k it, f*@k it.

#2 allis53ca


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Posted 26 May 2011 - 10:14 PM

word :head_brick_wall-1:

#3 Scott_C4-5


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Posted 27 May 2011 - 02:20 AM

I tried working back in 99' but it ended up causing me to lose more in medical benefits than I made. If I could find a publisher, maybe I could make some money on my children's story. Until then I get by (barely) living at home on my meager government check.

#4 Bendergirl


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Posted 10 June 2011 - 12:12 AM

Dont know if it helps but I work in occupational therapy and not only was there another COTA who was a T..something SCI cannot remember, but there was ANOTHER individual working at the SNF I worked at also a T something injury. It is possible, one went back to school the other worked in the social services department. Im not sure what type of work ur into but I hope it'll work out for you

#5 The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep

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Posted 10 June 2011 - 01:11 AM

I have a short working history, but I found a job as a computer technician on 3 occasions before taking some time off for college. For the first job I found summer work for my high school. The second was tougher and I worked as an intern for a company that was going no where. After working 3 months for free, I was upgraded to manager! Also unpaid... It didn't last long because slavery just isn't desirable. The last job I had was the largest, and I'd built up some experience before working as a technician again, which lasted 2 years. I went to school for Game Art and Design thinking it would be a fun field that I actually could do, but after graduation I started seeing the harsh realities that every kid wants to go into game development. It's insanely competitive and I sent my resume EVERYWHERE. Two responses came back for unpaid internships 8 states away, which I couldn't take.

I did however meet a wonderful man in college and we got married! Since the whole Game Design thing wasn't promising, we both fell back on plan B and opened our own computer repair shop, which has been ongoing for 2 years now and we're doing pretty good with it. Maybe working is based on the area I live in where the mass population is stupid with computers, or that very few people are "good" at tech work, but I haven't gone a year without working at least part time. Binghamton New York is a dead city. We're full of old timer IBM employees that just won't let it go even after the company moved out of the area. We're not tech savvy here, so it's one thing that has successfully stood out. The people I meet and interact with are every day folks with the occassional problem, and we haven't once had someone come in and comment negatively on the obvious wheelchair that follows me everywhere. It's actually been the opposite. I don't know if searching for a job would have been very positive. We have a Best Buy with the Geek Squad, but I can't exactly do house calls, so starting a business, at least in our area, was the only means of employment. I get whatever sick/vacation days I want and if people don't like me (or my husband) for any reason I can just point to the door.

What types of jobs have you applied for? I was somewhat lucky that I was injured when I was young and able to plan for impaired working. There are so many people out of work right now and every field seems to be competitive. The AB are struggling and it doesn't make it the slightest bit easier for someone with a disability.

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3 doctors diagnosed me with hysterical paralysis (weee!), 1 diagnosed an incomplete T7, another T2 and the last (and most accurate) T5. Trampolines are BAD. Sleep is unpredictable. And never kiss strangers. Life has moved on.

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