Spinal Injuries Association Charity

Constituents and Objectives:

The Spinal Injuries Association is the national organisation for people affected by a spinal cord injury. They represent all their members interests regardless of how the impairment occurred, whether or not it has resulted in full or partial paralysis.

The Spinal Injuries Association's purpose is to promote the integration and full participation in society of it's members, by encouraging them to become fulfilled and in control of their lives. The sharing of information and experiences are at the heart of it's commitment to helping each individual achieve his or her potential after injury.

Main Objectives:

  • Offer support to individuals who become paralysed and their families, from the moment a spinal cord injury occurs, for the rest of their lives
  • Provide services and publications which enable and encourage paralysed people to lead independent lives
  • Campaign for improved medical and social care relating to spinal cord injuries
  • Work to create an understanding of the causes and consequences of injuries.

The SIA was founded by Baroness Masham and fellow spinal cord injured people in 1974. The Spinal Injuries Association has over five thousand members and it's patron since 1984 has been The Princess Royal.

The SIA motto 'because life needn't stop when you're paralysed' signifies the strong emphasis they place on leading a full and independent life after injury.

SIA Publications

The Spinal Injuries Association has a wide range of books that address the many different issues which spinal cord injured people face. These publications are available from the Publications Office at the Spinal Injuries Association.


'FORWARD' is the Spinal Injuries Association's Magazine which comes out bi-monthly. This 48 page magazine contains up-to-the-minute news and information on the many topics that concern and affect spinal cord injured people. It is printed in 12 point type-face, using non-slip matt paper and has quality photos in colour as well as black and white.

Each issue has a theme which has included Holidays, Fashion, Complementary Therapies, Benefits, Photography, as well as the regular features like the Letters Page, Campaigns Update and Legal Case studies.

Spinal Injuries Association
SIA House
2 Trueman Place
Milton Keynes

Telephone: 01908 604 191
Adviceline: 0800 980 0501 Open 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday
Fax: 0845 070 6911

Email: sia@spinal.co.uk
Website: www.spinal.co.uk