Wheelchair Accessible Holidays

If you are in a wheelchair then you will know how difficult it is to find a wheelchair accessible holiday destination. Let us give you a few idea's on accessible holidays as some of the readers of Apparelyzed have enjoyed some wonderful holidays around the world and have found accessible holiday accommodation and visitor attractions. A wheelchair does not have to be a barrier to travelling on holiday, as you will see below in our accessible holiday reviews.

All it takes is a little extra planning to ensure there is good wheelchair access, and a little courage to overcome the uncertainty of exploring a new culture, and you too could be experiencing a whole new world.

Accessible Holiday Discussion Forum

If you have been on an accessible holiday, we would love to hear from you, and even better, would love you to share your experiences with others to inspire them to travel. You can write about your holidays in our discussion forum where there is a Wheelchair Accessible Holiday section. The Forum is also an excellent place to ask questions from members who are seasoned wheelchair travellers, and will be able to offer tips on planning a wheelchair accessible holiday.

  • Airline disability and wheelchair travelling policies.
  • Disabled holiday and travelling with a wheelchair tips and information.
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