Sports Wheelchairs

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Sports Wheelchairs

As sports have become more inclusive to disabled people, standard wheelchairs are no longer good enough in competitions, and lightweight sports wheelchairs have become the standard.

You only need to look at the pictures from the Paralympics to see the wide variation in wheelchair designs. These chairs are lightweight, and have been designed specifically for one sport, taking feedback from users in how the chair can be improved for a specific sport.

The sports wheelchairs use the latest technology, and utilise the lightest materials such as carbon fibre and titanium to ensure maximum manoeuvrability and speed.

The most popular wheelchair sports to use specialist wheelchairs are:

  • Wheelchair Athletics
  • Wheelchair Basketball
  • Wheelchair Dance Sport
  • Wheelchair Fencing
  • Wheelchair Rugby
  • Wheelchair Tennis
  • Wheelchair Curling
  • Wheelchair Skiing

A sports wheelchair is very specialised, and is built for the sole purpose of a particular sport in terms of speed, manoeuvrability and strength.

If you are competing in a sport, it is very important you get the right wheelchair for the sport you are taking part in. This is not only so you can be competitive, but also because of safety issues such as the stability and strength of the chair.

The prices of sports wheelchairs vary widely depending on the sport, but they can range from £1500 - £6000 ($2800 - $11,000). One way many fund their sports is through sponsorship, and there are may companies willing to help fund costs in return for a little advertising and publicity.